Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

10-11 January 2019 @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Sponsor Session 

Title: Making it rain: the challenges of cloud management

Abstract: As cloud technologies have become more common, businesses of all sizes have come to depend on them more. The truth is that cloud environments pose unique, and difficult, management challenges because there are so many parts of the ecosystem that you as a customer don’t control. In this session, we’ll look at some of the thorniest issues around cloud management and discuss practical ways to ensure that your Office 365 environment meets your security, performance, data integrity, and availability standards. 

Session date: 11th Jan (Day 2) 

Session time: 10:35


Why should you come see us?

If we can’t lure you in with the promise of a fun game and some seriously good prizes, then perhaps this will convince you to stop by for a chat. We provide a suite of products that enable large organizations with complex IT environments to…
  • Centralise your email, legacy archive content and PSTs in Office 365 or Exchange
  • Migrate email and OneDrive content across Office 365 tenants
  • Get full visibility over service usage, adoption, security setting, and activity within all Office 365 workloads
  • Streamline Office 365 administration, with delegated access, multi-tenant management capabilities

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